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Space of "Honey"
May 26
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Legendary training course
12 years! More than 4500 graduates!
Insight-diagnostics May 26, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Insight-diagnostics - instantly assess
and understand others! Feel hidden! See through!

What will you learn at the training courses?
How to learn much about a person with the minimum amount of information
How to estimate the state and needs of a person at the moment of speaking
How to understand other and get everything you dream of
How to define the situation and avoid hazards
How to build a career, knowing the characteristics of Boss, colleagues and clients
For whom this training?

business owners

working with clients and sales

Students, psychologists,
young professionals

People SAT
the collection and
security agencies

Employees of banks
and the service sector
Training course author and presenter


An expert №1 in psychodiagnostics, the discoverer of insight-diagnostics and intuitive quest-performance training courses
25 years of practice in the expert psychodiagnostics, psychology of management, staff recruitment and support, business processes optimization and prevention of human risks
An author of more than 60 scientific and practical books and publications in the field of psychology, over 20 years of academic experience, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Business coach, business consultant, an owner of business, the head of a successful company in the field of psychological services
An ispirer and developer of special insight-diagnostics training courses for CIS law enforcement agencies, a colonel in army reserves
An author of ten diagnostic teghniques for insight-giagnostics, corporate loyalty assessment and professional staff reliability, personal and professional qualities of the company's employees
Course schedule and regulations
Expanding the boundaries of perception
An art of impersonation in
understanding others
Awakening your intuition
Max useful from the min of available
Methodical mosaic
Seeing deeply
Self-analysis of success
09:00 10:00 11:30 11:45 13:30 14:30 16:30 16:45 18:00
What will you get as a result of the training course?
Easy going to assess the loyalty and reliability of subordinates, the trustworthiness of the partners, the usefulness of business contacts
Get "keys" to the understanding of a candidate's ability to work, the needs and interests of the Boss, colleagues, friends and loved ones
Discover the unique knowledge and skills of knowledge of people, broaden your perception and intuition
Learn to instantly assess the strengths and weaknesses of others, to calculate the possible threats and risks, to anticipate events and predict the outcome of situations
Will be able to quickly build relationships with clients, to find a common language with any person, to build scenarios for career and personal success
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Course schedule
Place of training
commercial director
Training course of efficient communication by Igor Kovalyov is some kind of a revelation for me. It seemed so many people told much about it, but the insight-communications turned out to be something new and useful.
office manager
It’s difficult to find a common ground with Boss. My colleague told me about the insight-communications. I’ve attended and don’t regret neither time nor money spent. Now I can easily predict the wishes of the Boss and my colleagues!
I was recruited as trainee for the position of an executive director. The management sent me to insight-communications. The training course inspired me, I managed to build a strategy for career development. I’m an executive director for a month now!
hair stylist
The key to success in my work is communication with customers. But my shyness often led to misunderstandings with them and salon hostess. Due to the insight-communications training course my shyness is in the past. I’m much different now!
I’m sociable by the nature of my work, though sometimes I’m tough in communication with my colleagues and students and it’s often accompanied by conflicts. I am very thankful to Igor Kovalyov, he showed me a different communication style.
Insight-communications is a unique technique. I decided to just to accompany my friends and did not regret. Everything was interesting, exciting and very useful to me at the training courses.
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Activities of Exclusive Training-invest

«Exclusive Training-invest» Ltd. is a multifunctional provider of psychological services to the market of Russia and CIS countries. It is one of the few companies who provide other services besides business training:

HR-staff support
Business team
Identifying at-risk
Recognition of
unfair business
The development
of customer-orientated policy
and customer-oriented behavior
Corporate coaching of
values and strategic
business development goals
Individual coaching
Consulting activities for
personal growth, choice
of profession and
career / business advancement
Family counseling and
individual programs for
child development